Monday, September 30, 2013

d16 Death Ray Descriptions

  1. classic red with white-hot center
  2. steady blue with high-pitched hum
  3. slow purple dashes
  4. three red fan-shapes
  5. poisonous green ripple
  6. freezing white line with dangling icicles
  7. crackling clear column brightly haloed
  8. jagged & prehensile, perhaps with a hand
  9. looping yellow line
  10. spinning white cyclo-cone (or just a cyclone, if you like)
  11. expanding blue circles going "wump-wump-wump"
  12. silent and invisible (but deadly)
  13. helical green torsion
  14. multi-polychrome undulence
  15. three colors in a bundle
  16. bouncing yellow ball

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