Thursday, April 28, 2016

25 Month Hiatus Ended!

To tell the truth, I only wanted to post today because I thought it was the two-year anniversary of my last post. But I missed it by a month. I think I didn't even look at this blog in 2015, but that's because I was doing the Tempest Challenge (not really, but I did do the Tempest Challenge).

So, I think I don't want to play D&D anymore. I ran D&D Encounters for about two years and now I suspect D&D isn't the right game for what I want to do with RPG's. I'm going to try out some Narrativist and/or Story games.

What if the rest of this post was just a list of games?

Steal Away Jordan


Seven Wonders (Pelgrane Press)


Cosmic Patrol






Maybe, now that blogging is Olde Schoole, I'll come back and share with you what I learn.

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